Skyroam And NordVPN To Launch SolisVPN

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Internet browsing is a common thing and browsing the internet safely is another thing. Many people prefer to have a VPN to make their browsing safer as the browsing data remains inaccessible to the third party. There are hundreds of VPN apps or software available for you to download and use. Some might be free while others might cost you some bucks to get the services. A good VPN for anyone would be the one that has the most options and doesn’t decrease the internet speed. The popular VPN that most of the Internet users probably have heard of is NordVPN and it seems like it is working overtime.

While NordVPN is a VPN software itself the company has come forward with Skyroam to launch a new VPN app. This new VPN app by Skyroam and NordVPN is called Solis VPN and it seems to have some extra features. NordVPN and Skyroam are both different companies working on different services and products. Skyroam is popular for it’s development in virtual Sim or vSim tech. This tech of Skyroam is used for mobile hotspots while NordVPN is known for the VPN services. Solis VPN is made by both the companies and is available on Skyroam’s Solis WiFi app. 

The Solis VPN has all the features that any VPN app would usually have to provide secure browsing. SolisVPN works through Skyroam Solis X as well as Skyroam Solis Lite hotspot. The device that is working through Skyroam’s hotspots can share VPN service s of this app. The number of devices that can use the VPN services at the same time can go up to 10. SolisVPN users can connect to 16 different countries right from the start to access the internet. It is much easier to use than configuring a VPN router while different devices can connect to access its services.

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