Zoom Faces Major Backlash Following The Security Concerns

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As confusing as this year has been so far it is not that hard to expect that risks are always around. Everyone is expected to stay home and keep themselves busy with whatever they can. Many people are supposed to work from home and others are now supposed to take classes online. These tasks have come to the online platform and video conferencing apps are getting the most users ever. Zoom Video Conferencing app just got some fame with a large increase in the number of users. Things didn’t go so well for the app and its users following the security risks warned by experts.

The app is said to have weak security settings and is not secure to be used. You as a user are vulnerable to many things including data getting exposed to hackers. Such warnings were around and now there is news that a large number of Zoom Accounts are on sale for less than a cent. This sale of Zoom accounts is going on Dark Web and your account is accessible to anyone for just less than a cent. The number of accounts found on the Dark web is around 500,000 and all the fresh users are probably vulnerable here.

This is not some data breach that could be taken lightly so a lot of big companies are avoiding Zoom Video Conferencing. People that were supposed to attend meetings can imagine some hacker to attend it as them. A large number of people that have used this app got affected by this incident. Hackers didn’t have to go through a lot of trouble as the lack of security features lead to this. With brute force using previous data breaches, hackers managed to get hands-on this huge number of Zoom accounts.

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