Google Now Supports More Devices to Use Security Keys

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In this modern digital world safety and security is something that always has some space for development. There is always room for a bit extra safety while everyone is trying to stay safe. Most of the tech giants are working on ways to make digital life for users safer. This is done usually by making a new tool by providing new features within services and apps. Google is one of the biggest tech companies and it is working on ways to make life better and easier for users. A new step taken by Google is to make security keys more accessible to users.

Google now allows you to use security keys on different devices through the web. This was not the case earlier and using security keys for users was very limited to devices. Earlier this year Google went ahead and made security keys open source and now is making it easy for users to enroll new keys. More browsers and devices will be able to enroll in the new keys as they are now supported. Users of Cloud Identity and G Suite can now register new security keys with Chrome and Safari on Android and macOS respectively.

Android running on version 7.0+ and with Chrome 70+ can be used for registering security keys. USB, NFC, and Bluetooth security keys can be registered with your android smartphones. For macOS, the safari browser should be version 13.0.4 to enroll security keys on Apple laptops or desktops. It is easy to register a new security key as you just need to sign in to Google account through a Web browser and access the security settings. In the 2 Step verification, you can add a security key. With your security key, you will be able to sign in to your account with verification on your device.

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