OKCupid Dating App Leaked Data Of Users

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There are so many gadgets that you use in your everyday life and smartphones is one common thing. The things possible with a smartphone are well known to everyone as it keeps developing. There are thousands of apps that are developed to make your life easier in different ways. Some are made for entertainment others are for work while some are for interacting with people. For some time social media was one way of finding people but later these things became more specific. Finding people on dating apps is an easier way for many these days and it’s trending.

One of the popular dating apps working these days is OKCupid that does the exact same thing a dating app is supposed to do. You can make a profile and find people that look interesting to you. The easy part is that people are looking for others to date as they are on the app. The fishy part of such dating apps is that they want you to give more information about yourself. While trying to make a profile on such dating apps you prefer to give details so finding the right person becomes easier. This detail is collected by the apps and as you know in this digital world details and data is all that matters.

OkCupid was found leaking the data of the five million active users using the app. This data was leaked without anyone’s knowledge and it is a serious issue. As per the researchers, the last location of these users is trackable and it makes the user vulnerable to greater risk. The researchers were able to find last location of users through the server. This was possible with accuracy to find the location within a 10-20 meter radius.


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