Millions Of Android Tablets At Risk

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Android devices as popular as they have a large number of users all over the world. There are Android devices including smartphones and tablets but it seems like tablets are not so safe. This is the case of android tablets that are surfacing due to the fact that they are outdated. For any device or system to stay safe it gets updates and security patches to make it secure from malware. With time new malware keeps coming and older devices become vulnerable to them until updated. For this same reason, Android Tablets are at risk of getting hacked due to the older Android version.

There are millions of android tablets that are still missing major security updates for years now. This lack of security update puts the tablets at risk of getting attacked using malware. It is sometimes the manufacturer and other times it is Google that stops working on updates for these devices. Data by Net Marketshare suggests that 13% of the tablets are running on Android KitKat or 4.4. Android KitKat is 7 years outdated and currently, Android 10 is out there. A huge difference in the operating system surely makes a difference in security features in them. 

It was in October 2017 when these android devices were provided with a security patch to deal with two vulnerabilities. These tablets as good as they were are now at high risk of getting attacked by hackers and malware. There is not much hope of these android tablets getting any security updates in the near future. It is not just with the android tablets running on android version KitKat. There is a large number of tablets that are running on other old versions like Android lollipop and these share the same fate.

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