T-Mobile Faces Cyber Attack

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There have been a number of cyberattacks in the last couple of years that affected many big firms. Even the government officials fall under such attacks and it has become a common thing now. It’s 2020 and security breaches are nothing more than a flaw or a mistake that can lead to major issues. There are millions of people that don’t know their data is handled in different ways. One way is to save the data offline while most of the companies have data stored on servers. Employees work through online means such as emails and even this makes attacks possible.

A cyber attack was reported by the US telecom company T-Mobile and users as well as employee data was vulnerable in it. The company fell under this attack after the account of the employee was compromised. After the attack was confirmed by the company it took care of the attack and secured itself. T-Mobile took all the steps to make sure of the safety and took the assistance of cybersecurity experts to deal with the situation. The attacker was able to access the data from this attack successfully and different type of data was compromised. 

Both the employee as well as the customers were affected by this attack. The company disclosed that names, addresses, account numbers, phone numbers, and billing info, etc were compromised. Other data for some customers was also compromised. The number of victims of this attack is still not clear and is yet to be disclosed. The company later tried to reach out to the affected customers that were actually exposed to the attack. Similar attacks have happened before as well that affected millions of users. This attack was not the only attack that happened to T-Mobile within the last 6 months. The company is handling the attacks decently but this is not something to get used to.

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