New AI Tool By Facebook Takes Down Fake Accounts

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Internet security for some people might seem like a problem limited to hackers but there is more to it. While there are millions of active users of the internet many also are not real or the term is fake. These fake users can be counted as people with wrong information and fake details. Using different means they hide the location and mostly it is easy to create fake digital identification. Some might think it is nothing worrying but these same fake users are the ones running scams. There are thousands of people that fall for the scams running through fake accounts.

One of the most active social media platforms Facebook has a large number of users. As it is only accessible through a Facebook account you can think there are many fake accounts. Social media is also one of the biggest platforms for scams to happen. The scammer makes account that fits their scheme and finds an easy to scam person. There are different scams and some can lead to you losing some of your bank savings. Your personal account and even your personal life can be in danger if not attentive to these scams. Facebook has now come up with a new AI-powered tool that takes out fake accounts.

This took is called Deep Entity Classification (DEC) and is capable of analyzing 20k things within a profile. A large number of spams and fake accounts will be easily taken down with this tool by Facebook. Facebook might actually be able to make the platform much safer for users with this tool. While the tool can take care of spam and fake accounts this also analyzes active user accounts. It might seem like a stalker as it can be used to analyze your usage behavior of Facebook.

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