WhatsApp’s New Backup Security Feature

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There are a lot of services and apps that you use in everyday life that include social media. Social media is one of the most active parts of the internet and a large number of users are actively using it. In recent times there have been a lot of reports on how the tech giants are abusing user data. Companies like Facebook and Google that have a large number of users were also called out for this. Safety of users while using the services and apps is not transparent yet but it is getting worked on. WhatsApp the popular chatting app has just upgraded to make them more secure.

It is one of the many concerning things that are the private chats of users safe. Companies owning the apps have complete access to all the data getting processed through chats. This is concerning for users no matter how much secure they claim to be. This time around WhatsApp is working on a new security feature that will secure your data. This security feature might come around by the next update or so. The security feature is called Protected Backups as per the beta versions of the app for Androids.

This protected backups feature is official and is already seen on the beta version 2.20.66 of WhatsApp for Android. The feature as it sounds keeps your backup data protected by encryption of chats that are stored on the cloud. Users will get a new option that will let them have password protection for chat backups. This might actually be a good feature to have to protect the chats that you backup on cloud storage. Chats usually have an end to end encryption to make them secure for the user. Protected backups feature does have a good chance of making your data more secure while you decide to upload backups.

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