Firefox Users Get To View Collected Telemetry Data

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Firefox is the web browser that has been around for a long time along with other leading web browsers. The browsers that we use regularly are mostly preferred for their performance but things are a bit different now. In recent times a lot of different issues have come up including privacy and security issues. A lot of cases arose of how apps and services are stealing or collecting data from users without them knowing. Some legal actions were taken against such things and laws were implemented last year. Privacy protection laws that ensure users don’t get robbed of their privacy by service providers.

Now Firefox has made it so that users can view the type of data that is getting collected by the app or company. The page made for the purpose of allowing devs to check the in-depth info from the users to fix bugs. Developers need information on the browser settings, operating system, and hardware info, etc to work on development. While the page serves its purpose for devs it is now also available for users to check the data that is collected from them. This page can be used to know the type of data collected by the browser company making things more transparent.

Mozilla is also one of the first companies that took the privacy of users seriously even before the privacy laws came in action. For a few years now Mozilla is working on its privacy control and this seems to be an outcome of the same. With this move, Mozilla Firefox has become more reliable in highly untrusted browsing and internet surfing. A lot of people are constantly worried about their private life and monitoring that they might be under. Firefox successfully cleared this risk for users by making the type of info collected accessible to users.

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