CCPA Gives All Firefox Users Power To Delete Their Private Data

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After a lot of trouble that was caused in 2019 due to privacy issues online with different tech giants. The big tech giants like Facebook and Google were all over the news for compromising user’s privacy. The whole year was full of such incidents and made a huge privacy concern worldwide. Privacy-related cases were eyeopeners for all as officials started taking actions putting fine and at last making laws. Companies were freely collecting user data for selling and research etc compromising user privacy. One of the many things that happened is the CCPA that just got into effect starting this year.


CCPA was made in 2019 and is a law that protects the privacy of consumers and gives them proper rights. Not until long before people were forced to accept the terms of companies to use their services. Many apps and websites would simply access the data of users with or without their acceptance. This was the main reason why it was necessary to restrict them from doing that with new terms and policies. Now companies had to change their policy before the first day of this year. Companies now have to let users choose how they want their data to be handled or collected. You can now choose to not share your data for selling by companies.

Now Mozilla has acted according to the new privacy law and Mozilla Firefox users are allowed to get their data deleted. This law gives users the power to get their data removed from the companies database. Not many have acted upon this law and soon all will be allowing you to take control of the data. Mozilla Firefox is one of the first to give you the control over the data collected by companies.


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