Google Photos gives Private Messaging To Share Photos

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Google is one of the tech giants that have taken part in most of the things including digital services and products. There are many different services and products be it smartphones or cloud services many others. With time everything, whether it is service or task, started turning into a single app thing. From picture to mail and cloud storage etc are all now available through dedicated applications and so you get multiple apps from Google. One of the many apps by Google is Google Photos that is a Gallery app with a cloud storage feature that keeps backup of your pictures.

While the Photos app is popular it gives good features for a gallery app. Now Google has introduced a new feature in its Photos app that allows sharing of photos to others. Sharing isn’t that hard with Google as it has the Mails app for emailing and sharing files but this is different. This new feature lets you share pictures fro the Photos app itself privately as in chats. While it is going to make file sharing easier it also makes the app more efficient in many ways. You won’t need other apps to share pictures in your gallery with this feature that Google introduced.

Privacy is one of the priorities right now and accessibility to such features is always appreciated. The feature can be a new mode of communication for Googe Photos users. The pictures can be shared between Photos users running on both iOS as well as android. Other than this private sharing you can also react to the picture you share or receive and is a great step to turn it into messaging app. Google hasn’t made any huge step in messaging except for the RCS so maybe Google Photos can do great with a bit more features.

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