Password Checkup Technology By Google

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Google is one of the biggest tech companies at the moment and the digital services provided by Google are one of the reasons for it. Google is also known for its security and safety of users until it was made clear that users are getting monitored. In the end, Google managed to make proper changes with the different Laws and news surfacing. Google surely have done different things to help with privacy and security but some of theme are very basic yet useful. One of such things that Google came up with is Password Checkup Technology.

This Password Checkup Technology is from February and now it is extended to make a new tool that secures password for you. The new tool in Chrome checks your password for you if it got compromised and you get notified about it. Once your password is compromised you are prompted to change your password so you can secure it. Compromised passwords can lead to unwanted access to your digital life which can get you in a lot of trouble personally. The pop up in Chrome showing you that you need to change the password will come when your password gets compromised. You can choose to change it or you can skip it.

Passwords are serious business and should not be taken lightly as a lot of personal data from different platforms gets shared regularly. Hackers do this a lot by collecting dumped passwords and different data from various websites. Such a database gets accessed by many people and includes dumped passwords, Emails, usernames, etc. For some people, this can be dangerous as they use the same passwords on the same websites sometimes. There have been many other services around that do a similar thing when your data gets compromised.

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