Gmail Feature That Won’t let Your Mail get Forwarded

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Google one of the biggest tech giants right now has a lot to offer to its users. There are multiple services and apps that Google has come up with over the years with new features coming up. There are different apps for messaging and cloud storage etc and one of the popular services is email. Gmail is the app that allows you to have e-mail service and it surely has a lot of users. Gmail is widely used for these services and is also accessible through its website. Now Google has introduced a good privacy feature that ensures your email is available to only sender and receiver.

The forward feature has been around with e-mails for a long time and it is a pretty good feature. Time and work efficient forward option lets you send the messages that you receive from others to others without working on it. This option is also exploited nowadays a lot as it goes untouched to other users as a forwarded message. Sometimes you might not want your personal email to be forwarded and this feature is exactly that can be dangerous for your privacy.  Google decided to let you have more access to your emails and how your email can be used. 

Now you can decide whether you want your email to be accessible to people other than the receiver. The option will let you mark the mail to not be forwardable and it cant be copied or printed either. The mails can be set to be confidential so it is only accessible to the sender and receiver making it a single copy of itself. The attachment and the message itself can not be copied, downloaded, forwarded, and printed as well. A good feature to make sure your message remains private.

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