Twitter Trying To Centralize Protection Efforts

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Social media platforms are quite active and have a large number of regular users that also make the companies more responsible for user’s privacy. While some of the leading social platforms are failing to keep user data safe Twitter is working on it. Twitter just launched a privacy center to keep all the privacy and data protection efforts centralized. This website called Twitter Privacy Center is made for the purpose of keeping all the data related to privacy and protection that the company worked on. Everything related to privacy and security from the services to products released by the company are put together on this site.

This was something done to make the information on efforts by Twitter more accessible and available at one place. It also happened due to the Legal actions and Bills such as European data protection Law that recently got passed. After all the pressure and concern shown worldwide on how tech giants handle the data of users Twitter also made a move to be at the safer side. The transparency is kept between the users and company with this publicly accessible site with easy to navigate through records. Privacy center is very well organized for users and is easy to navigate through for visitor while has covered different sections for customers as well as partners.

Twitter is doing great with all the management as it has dedicated pages for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GDPR, and Global Data Processing Addendum (DPA). For the costumers or users, there are options for Twitter’s term, account settings, Privacy Policy, and Service Providers, etc. The company is making sure that they keep their users updated with everything that they do for keeping privacy and security least vulnerable.

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