iPhone 11 Pro’s Bug Tracking Location Without Permission

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Apple is quite a popular company that provides admirable privacy features and is also one of the most secure smartphones out there. While people buy iPhones by Apple for security and privacy features sometimes things go wrong unexpectedly. The latest iPhone series were iPhone 11 that was released along with the newest iOS version iOS 13 with more features. iOS is also said to be better than anything so far due to the features added to it and one of the greatest features was a security feature. iOS 13 has a feature that allowed users to know when aa app is accessing things like the location on the background and the user can stop that app.

Everyone was happy with the new security feature that notified about background access by apps but now researchers have found a bug in iOS. This bug in iPhone 11 Pro running on iOS 13 accesses location of the device even when you have turned location off.  Normally on turning off something on your smartphone means it is no longer working but this bug here goes beyond that. keeping your location on or off doesn’t stop your device from getting tracked. This case here also defies the Privacy Policies of Apple as it is tracking location while the location services are turned off by the user.

This was found by KrebsOnSecurity and they said there might be some bug in the new iPhone responsible for this. Apple was informed about the same and they didn’t react big on it but sure did work on it as this bug was also noticed by others too. iOS 13 had such location and privacy bug earlier too and it isn’t that much surprising to see the existence of such bug. With patches coming to fix old bugs new bugs always pop up so things don’t seem to go very well with bugs.

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