Google But No Privacy Issues

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As the current topic worldwide is going on internet privacy people have started to search for safer browsing options. DuckDuckGo is already getting the attention of people that know Google isn’t safe enough and they get monitored the whole time. It seems like there more options for people as they have other search engines that go unnoticed most of the time. For the DuckDuckGo users, there is a new option called Startpage that is good enough for the recommendation. The thing about Startpage is that it gives all the search results that Google gives and that by default makes it a good browser for searching.

Web searching isn’t the issue here its privacy and data collection that the most popular search engine is doing to all and so Startpage make a good choice for that too. While Startpage has web search results from Google it has no such policy of collecting data from users making a good choice with more secure browsing. This becomes a Google search engine without security or privacy issues. Google collects and sells data taken from users and the Startpage doesn’t do that. The reason why it has the same search results as Google is that they have a longstanding agreement with Google.

Browsing data that manly gets collected by tech giants is not stored or collected by Startpage. With this, you can be assured that the thing you searched about is not part of the advertisement you will see while using the internet. It has become common to see ads related to things that we search for and we discuss. A good search engine that gives the best search results and also keeps your personal data personal.DuckDuckGo is fine for privacy but the search results are not as good as Google. Startpage is a better option than DuckDuckGo for privacy and search results.

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