WhatsApp Is Saving Encryption For Your Messages

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The ongoing pandemic has left people around the world in panic and now the government is also after your privacy because now the US UK and Australian government battling the industry of instant messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. to comply with them when they want to access the personal data and messages of people when they have warrant against them. WhatsApp is popular among everyone who is concerned about the data because it uses the best encryption available so your data is most protected by anyone spying on you even the government but now it is at risk because of the government which is pushing for new security laws that will make it easy for law enforcement to look into your messages if they have probable cause. 

WhatsApp has fought to protect the encryption of messages for the longest time to keep its platform protected by anyone looking inside somebody’s personal messages that they send using their platform and it is going to keep it that way to remain at the top. WhatsApp has 2 billion active users who use this platform on a daily basis to communicate with others and it will be a huge drawback if they complied with these new laws and give away the personal information to any government whatsoever. The debate to get access to the personal information has been pushed for over a year now but the recent Earn It Bill is now working its way through the legislative assembly and most likely will be the reason why end to end encryption survives or not on your smartphone. 

The major players in the instant messaging industry have been pushing for the security of their users and this bill will weaken their sense of privacy and they might no longer use the apps which comply with the Government and give their personal information away without their knowledge.

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