Microsoft Creates AI to Catch Bugs

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Microsoft is no doubt the biggest operating system in the world, with the majority of the computers all around the globe running on windows. With this level of user base comes the high number of bags created to breach its security by software developers. Microsoft has now created a machine learning model to manage the number of words created by Microsoft developers.

On an average, 30,000 bugs are created around the globe for Microsoft but most of them are not security-related but still, some of them are and they are very dangerous for the average user because they can put the security of their bank account and their personal information at risk of leaking to the wrong people who can damage them financially and otherwise that is why the machine learning software which will identify the security-related bugs is so important and it will detect these bags early on so the developers in Microsoft can get to work on fixing it. 

A big chunk of the time is wasted by developers on fixing the false positives or they might miss a critical security vulnerability that will cost their users a lot. This is the reason why machine learning could help a lot in this situation so that the efficiency of security experts can significantly improve and security bugs can be fixed early on before any damage is done. The new machine learning software has been proven to have 99% accuracy and is more than capable of finding out the security-related bugs from the non-security ones. Microsoft has also ensured that they will keep improving this machine learning software it is working efficiently and keep improving on it.

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