Skype Phishing Attack 300 Million Users Vulnerable

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There are multiple services and apps that are used by people in daily life and these are not just for fun. A lot of things on digital platforms re actually very useful in many ways but there is always a risk online. The risks that you are vulnerable to while using the internet include getting hacked, scammed, or sometimes you lose data indirectly. One of the many sleek and common things that are used to attack people is phishing. Phishing attacks are not rare and recently Skype users are under phishing attacks under some campaign.

Skype is a huge platform and is quite popular with a large number of active users. The social media platform is mainly used for communication through messages, calls, and video calls. It is reported that Skype users are getting phishing emails and these emails are targetted. 300 million users are vulnerable to the attacker and their phishing emails are quite convincing. Attackers have put the effort into this campaign as the emails have a not so fake structure. Usually, it has the name of the user with info like you have a new notification that the user needs to check.

With a convincing email, user can be lured into the phishing attack on the fake webpage. In this phishing attack, attackers are using a webpage similar to Skype that doesn’t look fishy. The notifications mentioned int he phishing attack that needed to be reviewed need you to log in to your account. Once you have logged into your account on the fake webpage your account gets into the hands of attackers. The webpage used by attackers has .app web address that makes it more legitimate while it is secured by HTTPS. Falling for this phishing attack seems easy as the attackers have made it clean.

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