Fourteen Eyes Intelligence Sharing Pact Risks Privacy Of VPN users

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Privacy on the internet is one of the most common concerns these days and things are not getting any better. Many internet users believe that they can have a safe and private browsing with a VPN but that might not be the case. Everyone has learned this over time that by using a VPN while browsing the browsing data remains secure. Now all these people can change that mindset as their privacy might be at risk. Browsing data of the VPN users might end up shared legally without the users knowing about it.

This risk has come up due to the Fourteen Eyes Intelligence Sharing Pact that hs different countries taking part in it. UK, Canada, and the US, etc countries are part of this arrangement and they have to follow the terms of this pact. A lot of privacy-focused laws have come around in las year but with this pact, the participants may get a way to work around those laws. The possibility is that the companies can be made to share the user data forcefully by the authorities. People that believe VPN keeping their browsing safe wouldn’t know that the VPN company is sending the data to the government.

This might actually make the use of VPN meaningless but there is a possibility of it happening. The privacy concerned VPN users that are trying to stay safe might just get vulnerable to Government. It is not surveillance but rather the government is obtaining data of users without them knowing. There are millions of VPN users and all of them are just trying to keep the browsing safe and private. These information-sharing pacts were not meant for such use but it has come to this as digital data holds great value in the current digital world.

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