WiFi Password Stealing Malware Reported By Researchers

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While everyone likes the internet and all the services that they can access using it there are always risks. Risks of getting attacked by hackers that can mess with victims as much as they like. The most popular way for hackers to attack is by using malware that they try to get into the system of victims. A malware that has been around in the past has come around again. The data-stealing malware called AgentTesla was also reported last year for different activities. Now researchers have seen the malware activity again trying to steal data like Wifi password, and other data from applications.

AgentTesla has been around for a long time now as it was reported first in 2014. After it was first seen in 2014 the malware is seen at times used by attackers to steal data and causing incidents. This same malware was active last year trying to steal various data from apps on Windows. The recent attacks going on with this malware are used by attackers to steal Wifi Passwords. In the last two months, the activities were reported where hackers were spamming users with malware to get into their system. Hackers send malware to people at large and get into their computers.

The malware is sneaked into the system so hackers turn it into a format that people don’t mind accessing. Different formats like ZIP, CAB, MSI, IMG, etc used by attackers to spam people with AgentTesla. The victim of this malware loses the Wifi profile to it and it can even spread to other machines. All the work is done using encryption and the malware works in steps. There are multiple commands that it has to go through before the hacker can access the WiFi password of the victim. AgentTesla is also one of the popular malware in 2020 as much as it is used.

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