New Google Chrome Security Flaw Fixed

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One of the biggest tech giants right now is Google and it has a lot to offer. Apps, services, and products of all kind are provided by the company but some of these are quite popular. One of the many popular apps by Google is its browser Google Chrome. The reason for it to be popular is mostly due to it being the default browser on all android smartphones. The browser has all the features one can ask for in any internet browser. Google is continuously upgrading Chrome to make it better but this time it didn’t go as planned. 

Google recently provided Chrome Version 81 after taking its time to make it stable. While the company managed to make it stable it happened to have a major flaw. The company has not made it clear on what the flaw was but has fixed it. It was a quick response by Google and the fix is already available on the new update. Some words by the company suggest that the flaw was related to voice recognition. This was one of the critical flaw “Zero-day” and Google is promoting everyone to update the browser.

It was in the Chrome version 81 that included some new features such as improved support for WebXR and Web NFC standard support. Both these features are new to the browser and so Google made such a stable version was provided. Version 82 was planned to be coming up next with further development but it got skipped. Rather than the Version 82 the Version 83 will be used for any development and changes that were to happen. Chrome Version 82 is canceled for now and everyone is suggested to update Google Chrome to avoid any risks.

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