Gmail Accounts Getting Targeted By Phishing Attacks

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Recent times have shown the increased number of cybercrimes that always get us closer to troubles. Sometimes the data breaches that happen in big companies other times large scale attacks on platforms. This is still going on while more people are sticking to the internet during lockdowns. As more people are staying online to spend time at homes cybercriminals are more active now. A new case of large scale phishing attacks is reported recently. These phishing attacks are aimed at Gmail accounts that are getting emails to lure them into phishing attacks.

Phishing attacks are not actually hacking these are simply lies and spams to fool people. Using fear and curiosity of people attackers make them visit their pages and turn them into the victim. Sometimes this leads to stealing of bank account details other times some social platform accounts. Phishing attacks can even make your devices vulnerable to attackers when you are suggested to download files. In the recent spams that Gmail users are getting the emails are usually on Coronavirus. Coronavirus is currently the most serious issue worldwide and people are easily lured by this topic.

The phishing attacks are happening at large scale to Gmail users with the Corona related spams. These spams are to confuse victims to believe this is important. Sometimes as a government official sometimes as a reliable source these emails are sent to people. The messages are usually that the person is at risk and the solution lies within the following link. Once the victim is lured into the link and they access the link with any personal details the phishing attack is successful. A large scale attack leads to high chances of getting a large number of victims and the only responsible person is a victim itself for not double-checking the spams.

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