Facebook Uses Bots To Hunt Bugs

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The Internet is a good service that is getting more and more users each day but that isn’t the only thing increasing. The last few years have been eye-openers for everyone in the field of cybersecurity and safety on the internet. Social media is one of the most popular parts of the internet and it has also made things delusional for people. Most of the people are not sure how much secure they are while they are browsing through apps and websites. While all the risks are at hands tech giants are always working on the background to make their platforms safer.

Facebook the well-known tech giant and also the social media that has been around for some time now. While a lot of rumors and news come around on Facebook all the time here is some more. Seems like the tech giant is using a miniature Facebook to hunt bugs in the real thing. This is the stimulation used by the company to make a copy of the website itself. Within this stimulation, Facebook is using bots that are always trying to exploit bugs and finding threats. This stimulation runs exactly the same way as Facebook as it has the same coding.

These bots used by Facebook are made to find bugs and glitches while it all happens in the parallel facebook. It is a good way of making the platform better as the platform is too huge to test things on the real thing. The developers get the updates as soon as a bot is able to exploit any bug or find any glitch. All these bugs and glitches found by the bugs are then taken care of by the developers. A good and effective way to work behind the scenes

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