Facebook Will Now Inform Users About False Information On Corona

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The world is right now forced to stay indoors and the internet is getting more users all day throughout the week. While people are spending time on the internet this is also the only source to connect to the outside world. For connecting to others on the internet social media is the best place as it is known. Facebook the popular and widely used social media platform is also getting more active users during thee times. For such a big platform there are a lot of possible risks for users of coming through unnecessary information.

Currently, the type of information that are most dangerous is false and misleading news regarding Corona. For some time Facebook was not able to control the false and misleading posts on Corona. Such posts were seen by a large number of users making it harder for the entire world with the chaos going on. People have come through many posts that were misleading and false so Facebook has changed its approach. Now Facebook is protecting you from these fake and false posts with misleading information on Corona by informing you. It is hard to take down all the posts on Corona by analyzing right away so Facebook changed its approach.

Facebook is taking care of these posts but is also making sure that people know they were shown false information. A large number of people share posts and as big as the platform is news of all kinds spread fast. Facebook is going to notify you of fake posts that you might have come through. All the people that comment and like on such posts are getting notified about the post. For some, it might not matter but this is a better way to keep users safe during the time when false news can be deadly to many.

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