MediaTek Chip Vulnerability patched by Google

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Android devices are the most popular smartphones around the world. One of the many reasons for their popularity is the fact that they can be customized using different methods. While these methods are sometimes very manipulative to the android system these can become a security threat. One such security threat was created due to a flaw present in MediaTek chip using devices. Over a million devices were vulnerable to this flaw and could be under major attack from attackers. Now Google has finally patched this vulnerability in the recent March security patch this year.

This was a serious security flaw that was getting exploited for over a year while Goole tried to take care of it once. After getting patched by Google earlier the flaw was still getting exploited by hackers. The flaw is known as CVE-2020-0069 and this was affecting the Command Queue Driver. Using this flaw users can get SuperSU and Root access to the android device. With Root, the device becomes fully manipulative for users and users can easily change the system or remove pre-installed files and apps. All the possible actions that get unlocked with root also unlock security threats.

Hackers can easily use this vulnerability to take control of the android device. By simply sneaking in a file or app into the phone storage the attacker gets full access to the storage and device. At worst hacker can even brick the android device making it completely useless. A bricked device becomes unrecoverable while the user loses the data as well as the device. All the devices running on MediaTek’s 64-bit chipsets were vulnerable. Many androids from different companies including Motorola, LG, Oppo, Sony, Huawei, Asus, Amazon, Alcatel and many more were under this list. This March 2020 security patch is for now taking care of this flaw for all these android devices.

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