Clearview AI Data Breach Exposes Entire Client List

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As unfortunate as it is data breaches are part of the internet and digital world that is growing. There are so many companies and agencies be it private or government they all are working with digital data. Files that store data of millions of people that include service users and customers are stored digitally. There are online servers as well as offline databases that are used to store data securely. Security is always a concern for such data as it is digital and the attacker gets to access them all with just one breach. A new data breach has surfaced recently that took place in Clearview AI.

Clearview AI is the new Facial Recognization startup and it happened to get vulnerable to Data breach. The entire Client List of Clearview AI was exposed during this data breach. The company has a huge database of photos collected from all the big social media platforms. Different popular social media platforms including Facebook, Venmo, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are sources for this company. The type of data breached is not clear but it includes the client list as well as user accounts and the number of searches by customers.

The company is working with some government authorities and banks so it is getting into bigger trouble. The data breach has not affected the servers according to the company and the search history of clients is also said to be safe. Now the vulnerability is patched and Clearview is working again while claiming to have security as the priority. The backlash has made it harder for the company as big companies like Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are noticing Clearview stop gathering photos from them. Clearview seems to be standing firm that their activities were for no bad cause.


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