Default Passwords and Usernames Attacked By Hackers

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The Internet is the one thing that is more accessible than ever and it is more useful than ever. While everyone is using the internet not everyone is sure about their safety. Every once in a while we get to hear about data breaches, hacking, and scams happening all over the world causing harm. Not everyone understands how this happens but one thing that is easy to understand is that good security is always helpful. Secured data and accounts are the things that become hard to harm to hackers or cybercriminals. It’s not hard to secure yourself on the internet just don’t be a sheep.

Passwords are important and this is obvious but the password you are using needs to be secure. A strong password is something that is only used by you. While creating accounts at many websites you get promoted to use default passwords. This is not the website’s fault that you decided to use the default password or account name. By using default account names and passwords like admin or 12345 etc you just make yourself vulnerable. Hackers can’t make a guess on a genuine account and password but these default details are easy to crack.

To stay safe make some effort in keeping your details more personal and less obvious. A default user name and password is only for the purpose of making your first time access to the website easier. You have no reason for keeping the defaults for any more than first time usage. A good password is something that only you can come up with not something related to your daily life. Usernames are easy to make and are not as important as password but they can help to keep you less accessible to attackers.

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