Slickwraps Data Breach 

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There is a different type of data that is stored up by all the different companies. From simple companies that don’t have anything to do with tech to the biggest tech companies all have data. This data belongs to users and for different reasons companies collect it and store it. Nobody batted an eye on this until now when so many companies are reporting data breaches in their database. Slickwraps is one of the companies that make vinyl skins for smartphones, tablets, and other devices as well. Now this company has reported a data breach that happened to them compromising data of costumers.

This breach was announced last week and came up after customers were getting emails from Slickwraps. The emails costumers received from Slickwraps were claiming that their data was stolen by hackers and this lead to the announcement. This way of discovering a data breach is quite unreasonable as the company itself wasn’t aware of it but hackers made it to the public. Slickwraps wasn’t the most responsible company on how it dealt with the data breach. The breach has been taken care of now by the company but it is called a comical data breach by everyone.

According to Slickwraps, the breach happened due to an accident that leads to accessing the non-production database without authorization. The breach is said to include information like names, addresses, and emails, etc that got compromised. No sensitive data was accessed by the attacker during this data breach but using the data like emails and names frauds can be possible. Those users that checked out as a guest even once are safe and their data isn’t compromised with this breach. Now Slickwraps is probably working on its security and trying to keep the customer data safe.

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