Chrome Zero Day Bug 

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As internet accessibility has become more common for everyone apps to access them also grow. Google chrome has been the leading browser for a longer time than anyone. The most used desktop and android browser everywhere is probably Chrome yet it fails sometimes. Bugs and vulnerabilities are always there even among the best apps and services and the same happened in Google Chrome. A new Bug is discovered in the Google Chrome browser that works on a memory corruption. Users face error while running programs and this happens due to the memory corruption on targeted devices.

The Zero-Day vulnerability was fixed by Google recently and the details were made clear. This bug was getting exploited at large until it finally got patched by Google. Windows, macOS, and Linux versions of Google Chrome are affected by this bug. More details show it is related to Chrome’s open-source javascript and web assembly engine named v8. Chrome versions before version 80.0.3987.122 are having this bug CVE-2020-6418 that is said to have a high severity rating. The bug is the one that can lead to code execution and further causing memory corruption that results in programming errors that you face.

There are more than just one bug and vulnerability that were found along with this Zero-Day bug. One of them is still not registered with a name but they are also similar to this bug. The Zero Day bug is patched by Google now but it was around for some time getting exploited. Even the location of the device could be traced using this bug with the data collected from the memory. Due to this, your device functioning becomes more complex and you might find unexpected errors that can become annoying with time.


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