Data Cut Paste On iOS

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Smartphones are more popular than ever and the number of things possible on Smartphones is quite high. While the good things are at large bad things aren’t so far in the race. There are bugs, malware and vulnerabilities getting discovered one after another showing the risks. Apple has a large platform among smartphones and the well-known iOS is having a new vulnerability. This vulnerability is not the one that you can take lightly or simply expect as it is happening on only some phones. It is that some iOS apps are accessing your data temporarily with cut and paste.

This was discovered by software developers that apps can read cut and paste data on selective iOS devices. As confusing as it might sound this is a bug that can cause you a lot of trouble. Any cut and paste data present in your phone’s memory can be accessed by all the apps. This is not happening to all but only some iPhones were having this issue. The cut and paste data can be things copied to your clipboard and this can be your passwords, bank details, and location as well. This Apple vulnerability has taken light as some users are really getting accessed by different apps.

The vulnerability is well explained and to highlight it more a German Software Engineer has made PoC app or proof of concept app. As the name suggests this app is made to prove the vulnerability through demonstration. The app named KlipboardSpy and a widget for iOS called KlipSpyWidget is PoC that are made to show spy apps. Apps on some iOS devices are spying through the device stealing your data from memory. This isn’t the first time something concerning has come up for Apple due to clipboard.

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