Apps On Google Play Store Stealing Data From 50,000 Users

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Technology is not only just developing to make things easier for us and making life easier as some unnecessary trouble is coming along. It’s the cybersecurity issues that are getting more and more concerning with time as new malware keeps on adding. Now a new malware affecting apps on Google play store is around and this one is sneaky as well. The malware was discovered while researchers were looking for another malware Bearcloud and now this is said to be affecting a lot of people. This new clicker malware is yet another sneaky one that can cause you different troubles.

This clicker malware from apps in the Google Play Store is called Haken and can be used to take control over devices. Haken can be dangerous in all ways as you can lose control over your device and end up profiting the hackers. Around 50,000 downloads have been confirmed and 8 apps on the Google play store are spreading this malware. The malware is quite sneaky in terms of how it gets into your system and how it works to use your device to make a profit for the attacker. Google has tried to take care of this malware by removing the affected apps.

Haken Malware was spread through the apps on Google Play Store and The downloads have gone up to 50,000. These downloads are by the users that can potentially be victims to Haken Malware. The attacker can take control over the device and make ad frauds etc with a simple injection of this malware. Checkpoint has reported the affected apps and Google has worked on it to remove all the apps that can be part of this Malware. On such a big platform with thousands of apps its hard to say that it will be completely wiped but try not using untrusted apps.


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