Joker Malware Attacking Androids

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Malware is the part of the technology that can potentially cause harm to you while you just trying to make things work. Every year there is new malware that gets discovered at different platforms getting into a system that shouldn’t have them. One such malware tackled last year is Joker Malware that was found in different apps on the Google Play Store. This malware hides as a system app and allows the attacker to disable the Google Play Protect Service. All sorts of attacks can be done by the attacker using this Joker Malware.

With Joker malware Multiple possible threats raise as the attacker can put fake reviews, install malicious apps, and generate ads on your device. Other than these various things that can cause troubles this spyware also capable of stealing data from you. Your SMS, contacts, and device information, etc are all accessible to the attacker using Joker Malware. The victim can lose control over a lot of things and end up even getting signed up for paid services. After all the potential harm that this malware has Google took action on it and cleared it up last year. The apps that were having this malware were all removed by Google taking care of it.

Now after everything was packed up Google has again seen some new form of Joker Malware in apps on Play Store. In the last three years or so Google has taken down more than 1700 apps from Google Play Store. The new versions of Joker malware are majorly doing frauds that lead victims to subscribe to various paid services. It’s not just the Joker malware that came back some other Spywares are also discovered with it. All these malware or Spywares are mostly targetting victims into ad frauds.

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