10.6 Million People Affected By MGM Resorts Data Breach

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Data breaches are at large and the number of Data breaches keeps on increasing with time. More and more cases of data breaches keep getting highlighted once after another. It is hard to tell who can actually ensure the safety of data and who is responsible for data breaches. As a large number of people use similar services the data breaches involve a large number of people that get affected. One new case of data breach came around recently that was confirmed by MGM Resorts a week ago.

This data breach at MGM Resort took place last year and was confirmed now with not much of clear details. The data breach happened when unauthorized access took place in the cloud servers of MGM Resorts. MGM Resorts has a huge name and the number of guests that it gets is also large. The people affected by this data breach is said to be around 10.6 million and different type of data is compromised. Names of guests, phone numbers, etc are confirmed to be compromised during this data breach. More was made clear later when the data of guests from MGM was seen on a hacking forum showing personal data of guests.

The number of people affected by this data breach is huge and the fact that this is a private company makes it hard to handle. The data found on the hacking forum has details that the data included information of celebrities and important persons from various big companies. The huge data breach and loss of data belonging to many guests including important persons lead to consequences. MGM Resorts got sued for this data breach and may end up getting fined for losing data of such a huge number of its costumers.


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