Google Alerts To Not Install Google Apps On Huawei Devices

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Its been some time since the Chinese brand Huawei has been banned from trading in the USA and things are still the same. Huawei is also one of the biggest tech brands and the leading in China so it was expected that it might get severely due to this ban. Overtime after this blacklisting Huawei didn’t face any major loss rather it adapted to this situation. Due to the ban, Huawei was majorly affected by the lack of resources and services by Google as Google no longer supports Huawei. The android platform is open source so allowed to be used by Huawei yet they lack any apps and services from Google.

Android users from around the world are trying to stick with Google apps but Huawei users aren’t getting any. Looking at the bigger picture users are surely going to try backdoor to install Google apps. Google has alerted users to not use backdoor methods to install Google apps on Huawei devices. While the methods might let the installation Google doesn’t support these devices and apps won’t work properly. More reason to not do this is that normally Google Play Protect ensures the security and safety of the apps but that won’t happen with Huawei devices.

Huawei is still working with Google for updates and security patches for devices released before the ban. The collaboration is only limited to it and no new devices get Google apps and services. Installing Google apps with backdoor methods can compromise device safety and make you vulnerable. Google has made a word on it in the support article posted on the Android Help Community. Google doesn’t want people to use Google apps on Huawei devices that aren’t supposed to have them for security reasons.

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