Critical Bug In Cisco Allows Remote Attack

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So many data breaches and vulnerability cases are arising with no hope of this ending. Ther are bugs and then there are cybercriminals that exploit whatever they get. User data of any kind has become a huge issue as many organizations or companies are failing to keep it safe. Last year privacy had become a huge concern but now it is more about cyber safety than privacy as companies are failing to keep data safe. For big companies that reach a large number of people, the data is mostly something they use a server to store.

A vulnerability has been discovered at Cisco that can cause a lot of trouble if not taken care of. It is a flaw in the High Availability service of Cisco that allows attackers to access Cisco Smart Software Manager. A common password is used at Cisco for Smart Service Manager and this can be used by the attacker to access it. Cisco Smart Software Manager on Prem base can be remotely attacked by attackers due to the Default password. This is a flaw that is dangerous once exploited by an attacker while it is not completely accessible right away.

The attacker can possibly access all the data available on the Cisco Smart Software Manager if successful. Once exploited this flaw is leading to a full-blown data breach but it is limited to the data on it. The worst is that the attacker can get hands-on some sensitive data that might be available on this Manager. The attacker doesn’t gain any powers of an administrator to edit or remove data accessible to him. This isn’t the first time Cisco is having trouble like this related to flaws and data breaches. Earlier Cisco has taken care of around 5 such security flaws that could have been critical.

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