Emotet Malware That Attacks WiFi

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Emotet is yet another one of the trouble makers that can harm you in different ways. This time a new tactic is used by Emotet to get to you through WiFi networks. The malware is already known for its hacking and data-stealing from banking and financial related sources. Now a new Emotet Malware is discovered that is actually more sneaky and dangerous at the same time. It is normal for anyone to connect to a free WiFi as it is not secured but such Wifis are dangerous and you put your PC at great risk while using such an unsecured network.

The malware work is quite simple but is a great deal once you are attacked by it as you wouldn’t know when you are vulnerable to it. This Emotet malware is capable of attacking through unsecured WiFi networks and can affect all the devices connected to the network. Once it gets into a WiFi network it becomes potentially more dangerous to more devices. From the devices that this malware gets into it spreads further into other unsecured WiFi networks that the device gets connected to. WiFi networks with unsecured passwords are the main source for this malware to spread and it is said to be spreading for around to years now.

Emotet spreads in a simple way as already mentioned but the sneaky part is initial attack by this malware. A sample of this malware first gets into a system with the self-extracting RAR file. This RAR file has worm.exe and service.exe binaries that help it in spreading through WiFi networks. Worm.exe comes into action as soon as the RAR file unpacking start and this starts the spreading through the wireless network. The malware doesn’t make noticing it easy and keeps spreading from device to networks and networks to devices.




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