KBOT Virus That Can Make Data Unrecoverable

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For different systems, there is always malware that is troublesome and for a long time, such malware has been around. KBOT is the name of the virus that was quite known as a living virus that was first detected some years back. Now it seems this virus is alive again and out of the many known worms this computer virus is threatening yet again. Viruses are a great threat and depending on the type these can be data stealing, cryptocurrency miners, Ransomeware, trojans, and surveillance software, etc. Now the living virus KBOT is making it in the news as researchers have seen it active again.

Researchers in Kaspersky has detected this virus and this is spreading by injecting malicious codes into executable files on windows. As dangerous as it is the virus spreads from local networks as well as the internet or even portable drives. Once injected this virus writes itself in Startup and starts working on .exe files preset on logical drives. The virus will start taking control of drives and add polymorphic codes into .exe files and even make its way to propagate through networks. Just like other viruses KBOT seizes the entry point code and so the infected files are completely consumed by the virus.

The KBOT virus is not just like other viruses as it is good at hiding itself and its activities by encryption. The entire system is scanned and the data is sent by the virus to another server. This server then commands the virus to delete or update files and can also make the virus to self destruct. The new KBOT can potentially make your data completely gone and you won’t be able to recover it by any means. KBOT is not just dangerous for the potential damage it can do this is also easy to spread and propagates fast.


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