Security Concerns With Wacom Data Handling

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Privacy and security are not really the clearest thing at this moment for anyone after the different events that have happened recently. All the tech companies failing to keep the user data safe for different reasons as they get attacked by hackers or they face bugs. There are other companies that are willingly using their user data for business and completely failing to keep the users safe. Wacom the tablet maker is facing backlash after the security concerns have raised recently due to data exfiltration. Security researchers have found that Wacom is taking data from the system that the devices are working on without the users knowing it.

The devices by Wacom are mainly the tablets used for digital work like drawings while connecting it to computer or laptop. Some exchange of data is very likely to happen between the plug and play device and the computer but it seems Wacom devices are also reading the user’s actions. It was found that Wacom is reading which applications the user opens while the tablet is connected to it. This data is completely irrelevant to the plug and play device but the company says it’s for Quality assurance and development purposes.

There is more to it than just the privacy concern as Wacom is also said to be sending data to Google Analytics. This makes it more of an issue for user privacy as well as security as the data is collected in a wrong way and then is sent to different places. Such data is easy to extract for attackers and hackers so it raises security and [privacy concerns. Most of the people are not so interested in reading the terms and conditions or privacy policies. For those who read the policies, it is easier to understand how you are not really secure while using Wacom devices.

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