Critical Citrix RCE Bug Still Threatening

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There are a lot of cases that include security and data breach due to the presence of a bug that gets exploited by attackers. Various cases have come up to the public with the most popular companies failing at different levels. There are companies that get attacked and the user data gets compromised while sometimes flaws or bugs put users at risk. In the end its the users or consumers that are at risk of losing their data to cybercriminals. After the bug in Citrix Gateway and Citrix Application Delivery Controller that affected thousands of companies, there are still many companies at risk.

The bug mentioned here can help the attacker to access the internal operations in companies. These internal operations can be local networks that operate all the data for companies. Data theft, DoS campaign, and Phishing, etc are also possible with this bug if exploited by attackers. While there is a possible patch but a large number of companies that can possibly be affected by this bug are still unsafe and need to patch the bug. The statics goes as 19 percent of companies or organizations from 158 countries potentially vulnerable to bug still haven’t patched the bug.

Looking at the type of services and products Citrix has to offer companies internal networks are at high risk. The bug is also said to be easy to exploit and very reliable to attackers. Everything that goes through Citrix gateway is highly vulnerable and data like internal web applications, remote desktops, etc can be accessed through it. Local networks and confidential information on such networks can easily be leaked or accessed as long as the bug is not patched. The very thing Citrix is supposed to do can be stopped by attacks like DoS that are possible on companies vulnerable to the bug.

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