Malware Stealing Your Passwords

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While the online platforms are getting bigger every single day the online threats are keeping up as well. With privacy and security concerns worldwide the number of threats is surely large. There are cybercriminals that are always up to something that can potentially harm you in different ways. Sometimes they aim for your personal data including address, passwords, name, bank account details, and other things. Now a new malware is in news and this is quite a sneaky one that is similar to a phishing technique. The malware gets into your system through phishing mail and the victim opens the mail that lets the mail in.

Banking users are mainly targetted with this malware and their credit card details and password etc are at risk. Once the malware has entered the system through phishing a zip file gets installed and it steals data from the user. This malware acts upon the browsers and stops it fro auto-filling the details while banking so the user has to manually enter the details or passwords. While the details are manually filled by the user the keylogger in malware collects this data and successfully steals your data. The next thing you know is that your details are sent to the server accessed by the attacker.

This malware is called Metamorfo Banking Trojan and a campaign with this malware targeting multiple banks. around 20 banks from different countries around the world are under this malware risk. Us, Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile are targeted by this campaign. The Trojan is as sneaky as it seems with the phishing that once makes through the users makes a successful attack. With phishing, this malware is sent as an invoice or invite fir downloading some file. The malware can even bypass the antivirus even by going through virus detection.

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