Privacy Probe on Google For Location Tracking

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While the entire world is online privacy-aware now there are still cases that put your privacy at risk. Since last year a lot of emphases have been puy on this issue of privacy of users. The tech giants are usually the ones exploiting their user’s data by collecting it and using it for their profit. Good examples are Facebook and Google that are keeping users under surveillance for a long time. For the same reasons, officials have taken actions against the tech giants and it has happened again. Google is facing a privacy probe over location tracking of users.

This is from the UK union that Google is facing this probe for processing location data of users violating the bloc’s laws. EU has strict privacy laws and companies might even need to pay the penalty for compromising user’s private data. Other than Google many other huge tech companies including Twitter Inc., Apple Inc, and Facebook Inc., etc have to go under investigations numbering 20 in total. Whatsapp and the data sharing to Facebook along with other companies associated with Facebook are getting under the radar for such privacy issues for data processing.

There are multiple reasons for Google to face this probe as some things are not clear on how Google is using the user’s data. Investigations will take place for all the issues including the complaints on location tracking. It is said that Google is not only having live location but is also keeping the location history. Other than that investigation will take place for how the data processing is taking place for the services provided to users. Many things are also unexplained to how Google wants to use data it collects from companies like Fitbit. The data Google gets after acquiring a company is also most likely used by Google.

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