Your Network Might Be At Risk Due to IoT Devices.

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There are a lot of risks that any network is always under and one of those is the connected devices. Internet of Things or IoT devices are very popular nowadays and most people like to use them in their daily life. People are bringing their IoT devices to the workplace and connecting them to the network that is not very secure. For many reasons, it is not safe for any network to have such devices connected to it. Unauthorized devices connected to the network puts the organization’s network at high risk of getting attacked.

Organization and their security are not always working on such unauthorized devices connected by employees. The more the number of such IoT devices on a network the more it is accessible to attackers or hackers. IoT devices are the ones such as fitness trackers and smart bands, etc and these are not secure. Smartphones and laptops etc are much more secure compared to IoT devices that lack any security. Most of the organizations and companies have employees that are using their personal IoT devices while connecting them to the network. These devices are the way for attackers to get into the network as it gets more vulnerable with more connected devices.

The IoT devices are mostly useful for people and it is normal for people to connect to the organization’s network for ease. It is very risky to connect devices that are not recognized by the company as the attackers or hackers can easily use the device to attack the network. IoT devices mostly lack security features as compared t devices like smartphones and laptops. Some of the IoT devices are actually made for public use without even adding featuring security. Such devices even are left without development and even updates are not released.

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