Google Sent Videos To Strangers Through Google Photos

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It is now not a surprise that Google is failing at different levels while dealing with user data. While everyone is directly or indirectly connected to this tech giant it is getting more and more clumsy. The incidents of last year that disclosed the user’s data business and the way user data is used by companies. Now it is very much clear to everyone that data or privacy protection is not completely possible. A new case of such an incident was reported by Google on how strangers were receiving private videos through Google Photos.

Till now you might have been using the Google Photos app freely thinking your videos and pictures are limited to your account. It is actually secure but now with this incident there are a lot of things you can think. A huge potential risk is always there and this is one of the nightmares that your private videos are getting accessed by strangers. Your privacy is your private files or data and this is the privacy protection failure you should be worried about. Google has confirmed that it accidentally sent private videos to strangers in Google Photos and it is again eye-opening.

The sending of private videos to random strangers by Google happened in November for a couple of days A small number of users were affected by this incident and Goole is working on it now. This happened due to technical problems in Google Takeout Service and was fixed within a week after it was discovered. The users of Takeout were the only ones that were affected by this issue. An apology for the inconvenience for users was also put forward by Google and some might be satisfied by it while it seems to be a big issue.

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