NEC Electronics Security Breach

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The never-ending series of events of data and security breaches in different places keeps going. At times there are cases of data breach at private as well as government databases. The cases have increased over the last year after the majority of tech giants failed to keep the data and privacy of users safe. Now it is the Japanese firm that is in news for a similar reason that is a security breach at NEC. Recently it was Japanese tech company Mitsubishi that came in highlights after the data breach. NEC is a Japanese electronics firm and it has confirmed a security breach.

The Japanese firm is closely related to Japanese defense and it has confirmed a security breach. This breach happened recently when unauthorized access took place in their network. Such unauthorized access is the source of data breach in the majority of cases and this happened to be the same. Just like many other data breaches this one went unnoticed at first and was not reported for a while. Later the firm put up a notice informing about the data breach that took place and might have compromised the defense business units. The third-party access to defense business unit was confirmed by NEC reporting the breach.

The attack was initially the incident of 2016 and was unnoticed for about a year until it was noticed in 2017. The attack compromised about 2800 files at the time of the incident but the sensitive data seems to be safe. Due to the direct and close link of NEC to Japanese defense, it is a great possibility that some sensitive data might get compromised. It was confirmed that no sensitive defense data was compromised and now NEC has increased its cybersecurity for better precautions.

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