Tech Giants Made Changes In Their Privacy Policies

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It was the end of 2019 when all the tech giants started getting into work due to the new law passed. The privacy policy of the majority of companies had changed before the start of this year. Many tech giants including Facebook and Google were also under this list. These are the companies that were collecting data from users without any restrictions until this new law came around. The law passed in California is called CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act that gives consumers access to their data. Companies can no longer use or collect the data from users forcefully with the terms and conditions.

New Privacy Policy is made by these companies to provide users with an option to opt-out from collecting data for selling. While the law is for California most of the companies are affected by it. Users can finally be sure their private information is not sold out for some private business. Many companies were fast to adapt to the new law and did their changes even before the law got into effect. All the companies were given a deadline till 31s December as the law is in effect past that deadline. The social media platforms and other websites are affected by it to a good extent.

CCPA makes sure consumers are not left on the back while companies make money with their data. Consumers can now ask how the data is getting collected and how it is getting used by the company. Other than that the company can be asked to not sell the private data of the user. The most interesting thing is you as a consumer can even ask the company to remove your existing data and rest assured it is gone. Companies are forced to do all these things and this should help make privacy get real.

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