CCPA Gets Into Effect

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The year 2019 was a rollercoaster with a lot of eye-opening incident of tech giants misusing data of users. Multiple times this was part of the news that companies are using user data without any consultation from them. Facebook and Google are the finest examples of these acts and it sure lead to a lot of legal actions. Many laws were made following the controversies in 2019 and one of these laws was California Customer Protection Act or CCPA. This law is said to be the strongest digital privacy law in America for different reasons and it is possibly the most useful law for customers.

CCPA was made in 2019 and was to take effect in 2020 so it is finally in effect from this first day of 2020. It is said to be the strongest because it gives customers to take control of their data that is collected by companies. It is clear to everyone that companies are always collecting data from you. It is also unclear what the companies are doing with your collected data. You as a customer can now finally clear this as now you can ask how your data is used. Customers can also opt-out to not provide data to the company if they don’t want to.

This law can also be called the most useful Act for the customers as it gives the rights to access their data more. Companies are now forced to listen to customers and to make it clear how they collect and use the data. Customers can ask about their data and if they want to they can also ask their data to be deleted from the company record. Business based on data collection is going down as companies can’t sell the data of users now.

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