Wawa Malware Attack Affects All The Locations

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Wawa data breach was a recent event and was another one of the events that went down this year. The incident involved a data breach that included payment information of the customers of Wawa. Wawa is a company that has stores over different locations and also has petrol stations. Earlier it was said that only some locations were affected by this attack but now it seems the attack was on large that affected almost all the locations. The payment data of different stores and stations got vulnerable during this attack that happened this year. It is the largest payment card data breach of this year.

The POS malware attack on Wawa happened during the period between March to December until it was discovered now. The security team at Wawa found the malware on their payment processing system and hence declared it a card data breach. Earlier it was said to have potentially present on limited locations but now after research Wawa says it affected all the locations. Some locations might have been untouched but most of the locations were attacked successfully. The attack was done was with the aim to collect the payment information from stores targeting the POS system in stores. POS system is the point of sale system that is present in stores to process the payments.

The data mainly collected includes credit and debit card numbers and expiry date etc. Wawa says the CVV and pins are not collected during this attack but the attack still affected more than 850 stores. After this attack, Wawa is also facing legal actions and will most likely end up paying a huge amount as fine. More details are not so clear on how many people are getting affected by this attack that went on almost the entire year.

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