Online Privacy At Risk

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The Internet has never been as accessible as it is right now and it makes complete sense as things are supposed to be more accessible. With time more and more things are becoming accessible to make life easier. Most of the things that needed actual interaction outside the home are possible online through the internet now. Be it talking with friends and family or shopping and even buying food. There are apps for everything and companies working behind it to provide you service. One thing remains the same for all these apps that let you have the services at your fingertips and that is they all are running on your schedule.

The shopping app knows what you are searching for to wear, the food app knows which restaurant you prefer and your private talks are available to the messenger apps. Many apps access your camera, microphone, and location, etc that shouldn’t be the case until required. Now it is still made safer as you can know when an app is accessing your device’s features. All the different apps may ask for your personal information like age, location, name, etc that look very basic to everyone. With these details, they also get to know the activity on your phone.

This monitoring of your activities is precisely why so many privacy laws have come into effect this year. Your privacy is always at risk and some of the companies actually use your data. A good and fair example is Google that was using the data to make targeted ads. Targeted ads that you see of products that your search for on the internet is one way of understanding that your privacy is not so private. No one is responsible for these things and you can act right to stay safe from internet surveillance.

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