US Officials Flag ToTok As A Spy App

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There are thousands of different types of apps and it happens so that social media apps become popular very fast. Many apps have become popular with such a speed that it makes clear on how much people are getting entertained. Out of the many apps, there is an app called ToTok that recently became trending over weeks and has a large number of downloads. The app seems to feature calling and messaging making it a messenger app and so it got popular with the messaging and texting craze. Now authorities are guessing this app is a spy tool collecting data from users.

The app claims to be a fast and secure calling and messaging app while it doesn’t have the end to end encryption. End to end encryption is the kind of feature we seek for the security that no one can access from anywhere other than the authorized devices. ToTok only claims to have encrypted database for messages that the developers and workers cant access to ensure unwanted access is not possible. With the feature of unlimited calling over an internet connection, the app got popular rapidly over a short period of time. Everything about this app was too good for anyone that needs calling and texting to be more accessible.

While the app sure has a huge number of users and quite some popularity there seem to be a lot of issues as well. The officials are guessing the app is a  spy app that monitors the users and it doesn’t have very good terms and policies. It was reported on both iOS and Google play store for possible spying. There is no encryption and it also asks for permission to access location and microphone etc. The data is collected and the fact that it is safe and is not accessed by anyone isn’t clear yet.

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